1. What are the benefits of being a member of TRI-CITY GUN CLUB?


All members:


Have full use of the range facilities


May participate in scheduled shooting matches


Attend regular club meetings


Receive the Club newsletter, the "HANGFIRE"




2. Who can be a member of Tri-City Gun Club?


To become a member you must meet the following requirements:


Be a citizen or legal resident of the United States


21 years of age or older


A member of or have applied for membership in the NRA


Not be a member of any Subversive organization, and may not have been convicted of a felony.




3. What are the types of memberships and the cost of membership?


There are 2 types of membership in the Tri-City Gun Club:

Regular @ $140.00/yr + 1 time $100.00 non-refundable land fund donation. 
May vote in club elections, and hold elected office.

Associate members who have been in the club for more than one year and wish to apply for regular membership may do so by sending a letter or e-mail to the Executive Committee. Further requirements are listed in the by-laws. A one time land fee of $100 is required.

Club members over the age of 65 who have maintained REGULAR membership for 5 or more consecutive years may apply to the EC for a life membership.

Associate @ $160.00/yr

Either type of membership is reduced by $80.00/yr for working 8 hours annually.

Spouses and Youth below 21 years of age are welcome to join the Club along with the primary membership holder.
Spousal membership is $25.00 per year and Youth below 21 years of age no-cost. Over 21 would be normal membership.

Effective January 1, 2013 there is a one time $125 initiation fee for all new members joining TCGC on or after that date.


4. How can I join Tri-City Gun Club?


 Fill out on-line "New Membership Application" on TCGC website when "Open Season" is announced (normally on Sept 1st and Jan 2nd).


 Copy and save Application documents.


When contacted and notified of offer of membership by TCGC Secretary, attend one of the  New  Member Orientation Sessions.


 Contact TCGC Secretary for any additional information.


5. When and Where does the Club meet?


Club meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the First Friday of every month.


As of November 2012, the location is the Goldsby Community Center.


Verify the date and time of the meeting by reading the "HANGFIRE", it is rare but sometimes we must make adjustments.


6. Where is the Club shooting range?


The range in located 1/2 mile east of I-35 just outside Norman Oklahoma at Highway 9 west, (exit 106), cross over the Interstate and go east to turn left onto Jesse Dr.,  and follow the signs, also see this Map


7. What facilities does the Club have for shooting?


At this time we have the following ranges available:


22 position 200 yard range with covered firing line and permanent shooting benches


80 yard range with covered firing line and permanent shooting benches portable target stands on both ranges


Informal shotgun range


Archery range


25 yard "plinking range" Pistol Range



Skeet with High and Low Houses



Trap Shooting



Olympic Air Gun Range


8. What kind of firearms can I shoot at the range?


Any rifle, pistol or shotgun, that is not fully automatic


9. What shooting programs are available?


Some of the organized shooting activities include:







NRA Youth Sport Fests


Black Powder Rifle


Boy Scout Programs


Hunter Education Programs


Youth Hunter Education Challenge


 PPS - Practical Pistol Shooting


High Power Civilian Marksmanship Program, ( M1 Garand)


Military Rifle Matches (Bolt Action Bench Rest)


HITSA Shotgun and Rifle


Military Revolver


10. When is the range open?


The ranges are open from 15 minutes after official sunrise until 15 minutes before official sunset. The execption being the skeet/trap range which is open until 9:30 P.M.


 Specific Ranges may be closed for organized matches, see the SCHEDULE for details


Generally however there is always one range open


11. Can I bring friends/family with me to shoot?


Yes, Guests are allowed, but remember YOU will be held accountable for their conduct under the RANGE RULES while at the range.


Also the Guest/Family member, MUST be accompanied by the member.





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