These range rules were created to help ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting environment for everyone at Tri-City gun club. While on TCGC property, everyone has the RESPONSIBILITY to handle firearms in a safe manner. This includes the following: ALWAYS keep firearms pointed in a SAFE direction. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Keep firearms unloaded until ready to use.
1. NO smoking on the firing line.

2. To make a range "HOT" or "COLD", communication is REQUIRED on the firing line. When the range is "HOT", you may transport UNLOADED firearms to and from your vehicle, load, unload, adjust firearms, and shoot at designated targets.

3. Upon making a range "COLD", all firearms are to be made safe: unload, leave action open, and point muzzle down range or put firearm in a rack. Always check the north end of the long range for shooters that might be shooting in the prone position and may not hear or see you make the range cold. While a range is "COLD", firearms are NOT to be handled. Shooting benches are off limits, but you may go down range to place or retrieve targets. All other persons are required to stand behind the yellow lines which are clearly marked on most ranges.

4. Anyone may call a "CEASE FIRE" for any reason. Upon hearing the "CEASE FIRE" command, STOP shooting immediately, remain in control of your firearm, and wait until you hear the next command.

5. EYE and EAR protection are mandatory for everyone on all ranges except for the archery range. Eye protection is required on the air gun range, and ear protection is recommended.

6. Since you are responsible for preventing ricochets, always be sure of your target and that your bullet will impact a berm.

7. Shotguns are NOT allowed on the pistol range or short range. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. ONLY shotgun shells 7 1/2 shot or SMALLER shall be used on the shotgun range and on the patterning board which is located on the north end of the long range. DO NOT shoot slugs, rifles, or pistols at the patterning board. On the long range, slugs and size 7 shot or LARGER may be shot ONLY at plywood target boards.

9. The official hours of operation for the TCGC range are from fifteen (15) minutes after official sunrise to fifteen (15) minutes before official sunset except for the skeet and trap range as well as the air gun range. The skeet and trap ranges and air gun range will be operable until 9:30 each night. This does not include the manual throwers at the east end of the skeet and trap field.

10. If shooting alone on the long range, before you begin firing, yell out "IS ANYONE DOWN RANGE".

11. 50 BMG may ONLY be shot from tables two (2) and three (3) on the long range. NEVER shoot them at metal targets!

12. Gong type metal targets on the long range may be shot with a handgun or with rifle cartridges - EXCEPT for the 50 BMG. You may shoot animal shaped targets with handguns and .22 rifles only!

13. On the pistol range, only pistol caliber handguns and .22 rimfire rifles are acceptable. You may shoot .22 rimfire spinner targets on the pistol range as long as they are placed at the base of the berm to prevent ricochets.

14. NO glass, exploding, or concrete targets are allowed to be shot at TCGC. Plastic bottles, soda cans, and clay targets may be shot ONLY on the long range and pistol range - but cleanup is required. These types of targets must also be placed at the base of the berm. Paper targets ONLY on the short range.

15. All fully automatic firearms, hellfire type devices and "bump firing" are PROHIBITED at TCGC.

16. All kinds of tracer, armor piercing and incendiary ammunition are PROHIBITED.

17. Hunting is PROHIBITED on TCGC property. Do NOT take pot shots at varmints.

18. Alcohol and drugs are PROHIBITED on TCGC property. If your medication affects your behavior, do not participate in shooting activities.

19. Wear your TCGC name badge while on TCGC property. Without it, you may be asked to leave.

20. SDA concealed carry and open carry laws are applicable and honored at TCGC. All firearms carried must have the muzzle pointed down range or at the ground at TCGC. If you decide to shoot your open carry or concealed handgun, you will need to place it on the shooting table before shooting it. Once it's pulled out to shoot, it must remain on the table until you are through shooting. Drawing firearms from a holster or from anywhere on the body is ONLY allowed when an RSO is present.

21. Water at TCGC is not drinkable, but it can be used for hand washing and cleaning.

22. Be proud of your range and pick up your trash. Yellow cans are for trash, small cans are for smokers. Blue recycle cans are clearly marked.

23. Match directors have the final word on how matches are to be conducted.

24. When you arrive at the TCGC gate to enter or leave, enter the gate combination slowly by pushing the numbers firmly, followed by the # key. Give the gate time to open. While you are waiting on the gate, take time to read the speed limit sign and the club sign to see which ranges are open and closed. At NO time do you need to push the gate open or closed.

25. Range closures will occur during club events such as Sportsfest, Women on Target, Hunter Education Clinic, YHEC, scheduled matches, and on work days. For shooting information, check the range schedule in the Hangfire or on the website before driving to TCGC.

26. ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES - report immediately to a Range Safety Officer or Executive Committee Member. (Phone numbers are on front page of Hangfire). We have two first aid boxes at TCGC, one in the stat house, and one in the men's restroom. There is an emergency 911 phone located in front of the air gun range. All information needed is located inside the door of the phone.

27. There are three requirements for bringing guests onto TCGC property:
A. The TCGC member needs to directly supervise guests and remain with them on the range they are shooting on.
B. All TCGC members are required to review these range rules with guests prior to shooting to ensure they understand and comply.
C. All guests and non-members must sign the insurance waiver form even if they are not shooting.
28. Please ask an Executive Committee Member or RSO if you are not sure about a range rule. It is better to ask a question than to risk loosing your membership because of a range rule violation.

29. If you hear shooting coming from anywhere but TCGC, please call the Norman police dept at 321-1444.
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REV 7/13

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